June 2, 2011
episode three
Conversation with divinegangster on Fri 20 May 2011 06: 27:33 PM EDT:
divinegangster: www.iamthesecondcoming.com
divinegangster: paypal me $15, arm yourself and prepare for what is to come.
divinegangster: this is the only way they will listen.
divinegangster: In His second coming, Jesus will arrive with the armies of heaven at His side.
divinegangster: i am so well connected
pad <AUTO-REPLY>: I'm not here right now
divinegangster: did you know that the sun is closer to God than the stars
divinegangster: all of them are doing business btw
divinegangster: but in other places
divinegangster: seriously though
divinegangster: i gotta shirt Kevin Hart wore bro
divinegangster: im way out of anybodys league
divinegangster: and
divinegangster: i had a dream last night
divinegangster: that was not normal, a dream only the elite can have
divinegangster: im dead serious
divinegangster: i know shit that is going to happen before it happens
divinegangster: i have seen things in dreams that appear on the news the next day
divinegangster: with higher meaning
divinegangster: brb
divinegangster: http://www.relaxtheback.com/massage/all-massage-chairs/sogno-dreamwave-massage-chair-by-inada.html
divinegangster: this was my dream
divinegangster: and is now a nightmare
divinegangster: sup
divinegangster: i got fucking rashes popping out all over my body dude
divinegangster: shit is crazy
divinegangster: im on a pain pill right now so i'm relaxed, semi-normal, been thinking a lot.
divinegangster: $15 clinic fee and a rapid test in a few days, results in 20 minutes. i know i got it, just need to be sure you know.
divinegangster: thought you should know
divinegangster: got my sights on everybody from them motherfuckers over at prosper to people back in ohio to the feds to you or other hackers to that bitch 'ashley' to my parents
divinegangster: to the dudes at Kroger when i worked there
divinegangster: i brought my cd of music in, about 5 of them and gave them out
divinegangster: one of the songs had that line "sense so sharp i could find bin laden, got em knoddin', it aint even worth it to buck you rather have a bitch with aids to come and fuck you'
pad <AUTO-REPLY>: I'm not here right now
divinegangster: n they just found bin laden so if it was the dudes at work then they're probably buggin'
divinegangster: not trying to bring you into it or nothin, just sayin'
divinegangster: http://coredevil23.wordpress.com
divinegangster: everybody get distant when you got the aids
divinegangster: lol.