May 13, 2011
episode two
divinegangster: i gotta way to make a lot of money if i had a partner in on it
divinegangster: forgot to say hey whats up first srry
divinegangster: hey whats up pad.
divinegangster: i gotta way to make a lot of money if i had a partner in on it
divinegangster: nvm
divinegangster: fuck i always do that
divinegangster: lol i'll be 10 million miles out there in space
divinegangster: send a random IM to the first person
divinegangster: then forget all the reasons and stuff lol
divinegangster: er, then remember that i cant do what i was thinking of doing is what i meant to say
divinegangster: fucking HIV
divinegangster: i made an ultimatum w/ the swines and shit
divinegangster: and everyone else
divinegangster: shit is about to get ugly as fuck
divinegangster: swine flu hits weeks after i got the first rash i believe
divinegangster: just found bin laden
divinegangster: hit*
divinegangster: "sense so sharp i could find bin laden, got em knodin, it aint even worth it to buck you rather have a bitch with AIDS to come and fuck you"
divinegangster: received intelligence earlier today
divinegangster: might have to make some public predictions or something
divinegangster: people aint listening
divinegangster: anyway
divinegangster: i do it not for me
divinegangster: remember that
divinegangster: Mech is selfishless
divinegangster: mind heart body and soul
divinegangster: peace
divinegangster: alright dude here is the plan
pad <AUTO-REPLY>: I'm not here right now
divinegangster: a girl, a hot petite pretty young 18teen-19teen girl
divinegangster: makes a video of herself armpit farting
divinegangster: not just any armpit farting
divinegangster: very erotic
divinegangster: armpit farting
divinegangster: youtube "Armpit fart girl"
divinegangster: million views bam
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